Colt’s tight end Coby Fleener, the Coding Geek at NFL

Most NFL players host football camps for kids, that feels natural. Not for Colt’s tight end Coby Fleener that instead of football camps, hosts Coding Camp for local kids.

While at Stanford, Fleener found himself immersed in the world of technology and decided to spend part of his summer vacation walking teenagers through the basics of computer coding.

Smart is cool. Fleener says learning should never stop. For anyone.

“It should be a goal for all football players to find something outside of football that they can offer society because ultimately, we’re going to have to at some point. So, if I can start a little early with education, that’s great.” – Fleener

This project is partened with Six Feet Up & Local Tech Businesses with the focus on teaching programming to kids.

Fleener is majored in science, technology and society at Stanford University and is in his 4th season with the Colts.


BlackBerry enthusiast, entrepreneur, beer sommelier, web developer and particularly excited by Firefox OS.