Colony: Resist or Die – Which Side Will You Choose? Trailer.

A new sci-fi series brought to you by USA Network is making its debut tonight. The 10-episode series stars Josh Holloway (Lost) and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead). In the not-too-distant future, L.A. has been invaded and is occupied by outside forces, causing a rift among the residents. While some collaborate with the occupy forces, others resist, rebel and suffer the consequences. Former FBI agent Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) and his wife Kate Bowman (Sarah Wayne Callies) are in conflict with their choices of support when their son Bram gets separated from them during the invasion. The leader of the occupation force, Proxy Snyder (Peter Jacobson), promises Will to get his son back in exchange for his loyalty, while Kate wants nothing to do with the occupiers. The show has a 63% favourable reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. Will you be picking up on this new series?


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