Collide Official Trailer- Open Road Films

Open Road Films has released the first trailer for its upcoming thriller, Collide. This film originally title Autobahn was shot in 2014 and ran into bankruptcy issue with Relativity Media to be pick up by Open Road Films via Yahoo Movie. Collide tells a story of an American tourist Casey (Nicholas Hoult- X Men franchise) got into trouble after a heist gone wrong. His intention was to pull in enough money to give his girlfriend Juliette(Felicity Jones – The Theory Of Everything) a kidney transplant. Instead he find himself having to save Juliette and himself from a gang of thugs led by Hagen Kahl (Anthony Hopkins – Hannibal). Other cast includes Ben Kingsley ( The Jungle Book, Iron Man 3) and Clemens Schick (Point Break, Casino Royale). Collide sets to hit theatres on August 19th. Check out the trailer below.


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