Code 8- Short Film (2016) – Robbie Amell & Stephen Amell

Beside Arrow, The Flash and The X-Files, The Amell cousins are busy behind the scene trying to get funding to launch a sci-fi featured film to shoot later this year. Code 8 is a 10 minute short film and a proof of concept for a feature film version. Robbie Amell plays one of the guys with super power in a world where police backed by robotic forces that handled conflicts among the inhumans.  Robbie becomes a fugitive when he clashed with his employer attracted the attention of the authorities. Both Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell are executive producing this film. They have started the funding at Indiegogo . They are very close to getting their $200,ooo goal. Here is a statement they posted at the Indiegogo: The short film is just an introduction to this world. We want to delve deeper! But, we hate spoilers, so we won’t say too much about the story. We can say this: this movie will be intense, it will feel real, and you will see a side of Robbie and Stephen that you haven’t seen before. Oh, and there will be robots, superpowers, and a ton of badass action. For more details click on the link above. If you have extra cash to spare you might be able to rub shoulders with Arrow and Firestorm. Check out the short film below and tell me what you think? Do they have a potential hit on the hands? Warning of strong language use in the following clip.


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