Cards Against Picasso: Cult Hit Card Game May Shred Masterpiece

A few years ago Kickstarter birthed a legend in the tabletop world: Cards Against Humanity (CAH). This card game of understated design and overblown ego knocked the gaming culture on its ass. Almost five years later, the game known for its shock and awe just took it to the next level. They’re letting the internets decide what happens to an artistic masterpiece.

Backstory: CAH runs a holiday event that allows fans to sign up and pay to receive a special selection of gifts. This year’s Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah promised to send out these gifts to their 150,000 participants. So far, the gifts have included socks, a subscription to Chicago’s NPR station, and paid vacation for their overseas facility.

That’s when things took a turn. CAH decided to take some of the revenue and invest it in art. The art? Pablo Picasso’s Tête de Faune (Head of a Faun). And, no. It’s not a print. It’s the original 1962 artwork. You can see it on the video at CAH’s site.

CAH is leaving the fate of this piece in the hands of the 150,000 people that participated. Starting December 26, participants will vote whether the artwork will be donated to a Chicago museum or cut up into 150,000 pieces and scattered to the winds of the people.

CAH’s motto is “a party game for horrible people.” So, the world is left to wonder until the New Year whether these people will lean towards the horrible or the sensible.


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