Captain on the (Interdimensionsal?) Bridge!

Twenty years after the death of his character in Star Trek: Generations William Shatner seems poised to don the black and gold once again for the upcoming Star Trek 3.

William Shatner may be boldly returning to the Star Trek franchise

Director Roberto Orci having recently taken over the helm from J.J. Abrams has, according to Mr. Shatner, contacted him about reprising his role as Captain Kirk in the next installment of the rebooted Star Trek franchise. This news has been met with mixed emotions from established Trek fans. Many would prefer the new films make more of an effort to stand on their own rather than rely on rehashing established Star Trek canon or cameos from the original crew. Shatner himself, while exited about appearing in “a role that had something to do with the turning of the plot” expressed concerns of his own. Shatner’s Kirk ended the 1994 movie Star Trek: Generations dead and buried leading to questions from the actor over just how he would make his way into this film “How do they bring me back physically like this? I don’t know.”

While Shatner’s appearance in the upcoming film is hardly guaranteed even the most staunch critics of Nu-Trek would surely love a chance to see the original Captain on the big screen again!