Captain America : Civil War Chris Evans Interview – Marvel Studio

Via, Chris Evans give an exclusive interview to talk about the upcoming Captain America : Civil War. When Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon and Scarlet Witch stop a terrorist led by Crossbones from stealing a biological weapon from a lab in Nigeria, it resulted in collateral damaged that sees the death of relief aid workers. While giving a speech in Massachusetts, Tony Stark was confronted by a grieving mother whose son was killed during the battle with Ultron in Sokovia. At the same time the United Nation is in the process of passing Sokovia Accords that established a governing body to monitor and oversees the ever-growing superhumans. Tony Stark support the new accord because he felt the responsible of creating Ultron. While Steve Rogers lost his trust with the government when HYDRA infiltrated SHIELD. The rest of the avengers took their position behind the two leaders. As the two opposing team took their philosophical difference into an ultimate physical confrontation. Captain America : Civil War already premiere in many parts of the world this Friday. It will debut in North America on Friday May 6th.


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