Brewgooder : #DrinkBeerGiveWater -Indiegogo

I was first concern when these two friends Alan and Josh from Scotland wanted me to give my beer and turn them into water for the poor nations who have no access to clean water. While I sound a little selfish for not giving up my beer, I rather give money instead. In reality, we are constantly bombarded by request of donation from larger organizations to friends and families who are in dire help. Donation fatigue can set in quickly. Instead these two blokes want you to support their crowd funding to create a beer that 100% of the sales proceed goes to the charity partners like Oxfam.WaterAid and MercyCorp. What a great idea! Some of us are drinking a dozen or so a week . That’s not counting on special occasion and festivals we celebrate. This is not to encourage those who do not normally consume alcohol, rather if you are already spending the money on the beer why not double the pleasure by having 100% of the proceed goes to helping those who are less fortunate? Considering the staggering statistic that many who are without clean water and the suffering disease borne from without it, this sounds like a win-win plan. Only into the third day of the crowd funding, the duo already meet half way of their goal of £50,000 GBP. Check out the link here to find out more information about #DrinkBeerGiveWater.


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