BREAKING: Xbox 360 Games to Be Playable on Xbox One


Microsoft broke the Internet during their E3 conference when they announced that backwards compatibility will be coming to Xbox One. This would make Xbox One the ONLY current gent console to offer backwards compatibility, at least if any other platform doesn’t announce a similar feature by the end of E3.

This is exactly the type of ‘bullet’ needed by Microsoft to help them pull ahead of their competitors in the never ending console wars. Xbox One will support the games natively, with more than 100 titles already available for when the feature releases this coming holidays.

According to Inquisitr:

Developers will just need to approve titles for play on the Xbox One. Disk-based titles will be playable along with games downloaded digitally, which will show up automatically on the new console.

This feature will also support online multiplayer at no extra cost, a clear stab at the PSN service which allows users to stream prior video game titles at a cost.

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