BREAKING: Viola Davis cast as Amanda Waller


Suicide Squad cast just keeps getting better and better. Viola Davis has been cast as Amanda Waller. Waller is a government agent, former congressional aide, in charge of the Suicide Squad (a group of government directed villains turned quasi-heroes). She also becomes Lex Luthors right hand man (woman?) when he becomes President of the US. mentions:

A recent report said that Warner Bros.’ first choice for the role was Oprah Winfrey, but Viola Davis was on their short list as well. Davis currently stars on the hit new ABC show How To Get Away With Murder.

What are your thoughts so far on the Suicide Squad cast? So far I believe each casting has been near perfect.


  • Bastakiatavich


    • undbiter65

      Agreed. DC usually gets an unlikely actor and then turns them into the perfect casting choice. But nice to see them going for casting choices you can see working from the beginning.