BREAKING: Ben Affleck to Write and Direct Solo Batman Films


It had been long speculated that the Oscar-Winning director and actor Ben Affleck could potentially direct his own Batman films. Well Deadline has stated that Ben Affleck will not only direct his own films but also have a hand in the writing. Now don’t fret, Geoff Johns, who is DC Comics Chief Creative Officer and has written some of DC’s best comics, will be co writing the script for these movies.

While not concrete date has been set for neither solo Man of Steel or Batman films, Warner Bros. had stated long ago that DC’s iconic duo would be getting solo films. Deadline also mentions:

“….they are likely to turn in a script before the end of the summer, prior to Affleck going off to direct Live By Night in November…..the plot would reflect the Batman character that emerges after Batman V Superman and Justice League”

With DC’s slate full of upcoming movies it is yet unknown when a solo Batman film will be released.