This Is Your Brain on Drugs and Ikea?

Hikea gives viewers a chance to watch stoners build furniture.

Sometimes we have a rough day. Sometimes the easiest way to make that rough day better is by laughing at others. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not nice. It’s not polite. You’re right. But everyone has a purpose. And some people’s purpose is to be a dumbass. Hikea is here to help.

The folks behind Hikea have offered the rest of the world a valuable service. They’ve given dumbasses a place to be dumbasses. And given the rest of us a place to watch it happen.

Hikea is a YouTube channel which posts videos of people that are high on drugs, attempting to build Ikea furniture. Hikea, High Ikea. See what they did there?

There are currently three videos on the channel, one of which is a trailer.

The two videos on the site are Giancarlo & Nicole + LSD. Giancarlo and Nicole are the sharp looking couple in the trailer. Episode two is Keith + Shrooms. Let’s just say, I’m not sure that I’d trust this furniture in my home. Actually, I wouldn’t trust Giancarlo, Nicole, or Keith in my house either.

Nancy Reagan would be so disappointed.