Biometric-tracking smart bra.

One of the tech trend to watch in 2016 is wearable. From watches, jewellery, socks, pet collars, belts and other wearable fashion. At the CES show this year, OmSignal no stranger to developing wearable tech came out with OMbra. This is a biometric-tracking sport bra for women. To start,  it tracks, breathing rate, heart rate and calories burn. It has a sensor filled black box that collects data. This data is wirelessly shared to OMSignal’s mobile app. For the runners, there’s an option call OMRun that measure beyond the basic distance, cadence, pace, heart rate and calories. It tracks what the company break down into five measurements. Running Economy, Breathing Rhythm, Fatigue, Biometric Effort and Biometric Coach. Beyond the technology that keep up with a woman lifestyle, OmSignal also put into major consideration into the comfort of wearing OMbra. It’s made of stretchable fabric, a blend of material that easily adapt to women of different shape and size and absorb the pressure of back and shoulder.The use of mesh material also breathable front and back and keep one’s dry. Depending on the sport practiced, the bra has adjustable straps and closure to give full support and comfort in movement. The bra also come with removable padding that allow women of all shape and sizes not only for the comfort fitting but also climate adjustment. For more information, click here.


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