Beauty and Lord Voldemort, I’d Watch it!

Beauty and Lord Voldemort, a mashup that just HAD to happen.

Beauty and the Beast is the upcoming live action movie of the beloved Disney Cartoon. Star Emma Watson looks born to play the live action roll of Belle. However, before she grew in to herself, she played the part of Harry’s cohort Hermione Granger fighting off the dark forces of Lord Voldemort.

What if those movies were mashed up? How would that look? YouTuber PistolShrimps shows us in this incredibly well put together trailer for the movie Beauty and Lord Voldemort!

PistolShrimps has taken the trailer for Beauty and the Beast, has dropped that Beast fellow right out of it, and replaced him with perfectly chosen shots of Lord Voldemort himself!

Hermione and Voldemort in a Disney love story? Sign me up!