Batman Vs Superman : Dawn Of Justice TV Spot #9 – Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has released a new tv spot with some added new footage to Batman Vs Superman : Dawn Of Justice. With the first of DC Cinematic Universe making this the first Justice League movie franchise. Needless to say the movie studio is nervous about their first-born. A few days ago Variety release the tracking of this film to rake in between  $12o million to $140 million on the opening Easter weekend. That is a minimum of what the movie studio would expect. While tracking of movie box office is highly unreliable, base on the budget of $410 million in Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice, I would think the movie studio would expect a higher opening weekend than what’s been tracking. Just for the sake of comparison, Star Wars : The Force Awaken record-breaking box office on opening weekend in US alone was $238 million. No one is expecting Batman V Superman to match the Star Wars movie. If it’s total gross can reach $750 million and more, the movie studio will breathe a sigh of relief and feel better moving forward with the rest of the Justice League movie franchise. Making the first one with the A-List actors and A-list director and ramp up production budget is a calculated risk. Perhaps the rest of the following Justice League movies ought to consult the production team behind Deadpool. For the budget of $58  million, Deadpool is still going strong at $620 million ringing at the box office. Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice is opening on March 25th. Check out the new tv spot below. Are you eagerly anticipated for this movie?



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