Batman V Superman to be split in two?

Oh my word. What a rumor we have upon us. I don’t like to post rumors as most turn out to be untrue, and this one probably will too, but I just couldn’t help it.

The newest rumor is saying that the Dawn of Justice film could be TWO separate films. With one releasing on October this year and the second releasing in the already known date. As we all probably remember, the original release date for Dawn of Justice was for 2015 then the film was pushed back almost an entire year. Easily enough time for two movies to be filmed.

The rumor comes to us from LatinoReview. Supposedly someone captured a video of the unreleased teaser for Batman V Superman, which should be releasing soon, and the image up top is supposed to be the last frame. Now take this with a massive grain of salt, as it’s extremely easy to photoshop a pic like this. I, however, have my fingers crossed.

WB turned a hobbit movie into 3 films….. Already made more than 2 billion by doing this. Hunger games Mockingjay was also split into 2 films and looks to be making more than a billion by doing that. I wouldn’t be surprised if WB did it with Batman V Superman, as the movie had been filming for a considerable amount of time.

Sadly it’s a long shot. What are your thoughts?