Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser

This is old, released several months ago during Comic Con. I hadn’t posted it as DC kept pulling it from Youtube aggresively. Now though, it seems theyve let it stay. This gave me goosebumps and has me counting down until 2016. Watch the teaser below:

Thoughts? Not the highest quality but still enough to send a shiver down my spine. On 2016, history will be made. The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel on the big screen together for the first time.

  • james pisano

    What’s the point? Superman’s just gonna slap! Batman around like a little crybaby.

    • theo

      Theb why make a movie of ir doofus… dont comment if you dont know comics

      • james pisano

        You’re right bro. I was just fooling around with Undbiter. Didn’t mean to offend.