Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice – Life Size Statues Of DC Two Super Hero For Sale.

How much of a fan are you on DC Universe most iconic super hero Batman and Superman? Section 9 have made available Henry Carvill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman life-size statues available for purchase. If you have $8000 lying around you can get both super hero statues. The specs for Batman is 83.5″ H X 33.5″ W X43.5 ” D and for Superman the specs are 93″ H X 34″ W X 32″ D. If you prefer one over the other, it will only cost you $4297 each. However, Section 9 will offer the first ten customers a discount of $300 of either status if they input the promo code of “BvS-Collider-Discount-Batman” or “BvS-Collider-Discount-Superman” and for those who are looking to get both statues you can enter the promo code “BvS-Collider-Discount-Combo” with an extra savings of $150 and a total of $750 in savings. Hurry up! Before more than ten people scoop up the amazing savings. With either or both statues in your bedroom, you will sleep better at night. Don’t you think? By the way Batman V Superman opens March 25th. Check out the statues below.




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  • Robert

    This is really cool. There’s no way in hell I’d pay for it but I imagine there are many that would. I’m not too impressed with batman though. It looks like he’s tossing off.

    Superman looks wicked cool though.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Agree. Superman looks better of the two.