Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Break Box Office Records Collecting $424.1 Million World Wide! Update!

Say what you will about Warner Bros. Pictures latest Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice. Defying critics negative reviews,  just 5 days after the DC Cinematic Universe most important movie launch, the film has collected $424.1 million world-wide! Domestically taking in $170.1 million also mark the biggest opening in 2016 edging out Deadpool. The film also beat out Furious 7 as the all time champion on Easter weekend. This marked the largest debut both for DC and Zack Snyder. The worldwide box office collected $254 millions. Beating several box office records along the way. Not to mention the movie was released in an unprecedented 40,000+ screens in 66 markets. It’s a first  for an American film. Internationally, Batman V Superman marks the biggest superhero opening weekend of all time, all time biggest March opening beating out The Hunger Game.  Warner Bros. Pictures biggest opening in China and the studio only trailing behind Harry Potter And The Deadly Hallows: Part 2 as the second biggest opening in history. Other countries that took in big are UK with an estimated $21.9 million from 1,701 screens, in Brazil with $12.2 million from 1,330 theatres, in Korea with $10.5 million from 1,696 screens, and in Australia with $10 million from 535 screens.

As an all time record, that placed Batman V Superman in fourth place behind Harry Potter And The Deadly Hallow Part 2 (($482.2 million), Jurassic World ($524.9 million) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($529 million). Just for comparison sake the biggest worldwide opening for a Marvel movie is $392.5 million, earned by both The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, while the previous best for a DC offering was The Dark Knight Rises with $248.9 million.

Someone is breaking out the bubbly for sure.

Update: The over eagerness of the bean counters over at the box office  corrected the domestic number of the movie. It should be $166.1 millions and not $170.1 while it’s still impressive but no longer Warner Bros. Pictures biggest open ever. So the tiara returns to Harry Potter And The Deadly Hollow Part 2 sitting at $169.2. Let’s hope no accountant losing his or her job over the $4 million discrepancy.


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