Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice Box Office Plunges To $50 Million On Second Weekend.

After much fanfare that sees the film premiere that smashes record box office, Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice came crashing down on its second weekend box office. Critics and some independent reviewers seems to have nothing positive to say about the film. The bad word of mouth perhaps halted those potential ticket buyers? To be fair, at among the audience still hold a 71% in favour of the movie. Let’s be clear many box office champions usually did very well on the first week and see a major drop on its second week. For example, Harry Potter And The Deadly Hollow Part 2 dropped 72% on its second week. The difference was Harry Potter film did have to go up against Captain America : The First Avenger  on its second week in the box office. With Batman V Superman, there was no major movie releases to go up against and both schools and colleges are on break. However, the film has already grossed beyond $550 million world-wide. Hardly a disaster. One of the main criticism from Batman V Superman is the overly dark tone of the movie. Is that why Warner Bros Pictures are nervous about its next DC movie Suicide Squad? The studio has pour tens of millions into reshooting Suicide Squad to lighten the mood of the film as we speak. You can read it here.  So did the bad reviews deter you from watching Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice? Will this criticism affect the rest of the DC movie franchise? One thing for sure in regards to Aquaman movie, director James Wan who had promised fans the film will set a different tone and that the super hero will have fun fighting the sea monsters.


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