Batman : The Killing Joke Official Teaser – Warner Bros. Pictures

As  revealed last year at the Comic Con, Warner Bros. Pictures is releasing an animated movie this summer. Batman : The Killing Joke. More exciting, Mark Hamill is returning as the voice of The Joker. If Heath Ledger was the quintessential Joker of the cinematic universe, then Mark Hamill is the equal if not better version of the maniacal lunatic villain in the animation series. Kevin Conroy lay claimed to the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne  as he has done so for over two decades. No stranger to variety of animation series, Tara Strong will be the voice behind Batgirl/Barbara Gordon. And Ray Wise as the voice of Commissioner Gordon. This time Batman is on the hunt for an escaped Joker who is targeting to bring down Commissioner Gordon and his family. This particular film seems to be much darker and disturbing than the previous animated movies. It’s one of the darker adaptation from the comic book series. DC Entertainment approved a R-Rated version. How far will the movie goes remain to be seen.  The subject will focus on Barbara Gordon that could touch upon sexual assault history by the Joker. Regardless Batman : The Killing Joker will ignite some reaction from the fans.




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