Trailer for 5th and Final Season of Bates Motel

Are you ready for the return of Norman Bates?

This is a series I look forward to returning. The original Psycho movie was a true classic, and has a high spot in my top 10 list of favorite movies. Unfortunately, the sequels and remakes did not follow in the original’s greatness. Even Vince Vaughn’s turn as Norman Bates was, well, a mess. And I like Vince Vaughn, but not as Norman Bates. Because of this, I wasn’t really expecting much from Bates Motel.

Boy was I wrong.

Freddie Highmore plays the perfect young Norman Bates. This kid can act! And act creepy while he’s at it. The relationship between him and his mother Norma Bates (played amazingly well by Vera Farmiga) takes that creepiness to whole new levels.

We’ve watched as Norman has grown into the Norman Bates we all fear, and by the end of last season, we saw how Norman had killed his mother, and kept her body. This fifth and final season shall see the series tell the story that we know from the original Psycho movie, and I can’t wait.

Bates Motel returns February 20th to A&E and sees the addition of Rihanna to the cast. Rihanna will play Marion Crane, the role made immortal by Janet Leigh in the most famous shower scene in cinema history.