Banshee Series Finale – Cinemax

After four season Banshee is bowing out of our television screen. Fans collectively mourn the loss of a great television entertainment ever grace across our living room. They already complained about the truncated 8-episodes season 4 versus the usual 10- episodes. Tonight season 4 episode 8 titled Requiem will see the characters who had inhabited the town of Banshee PA come upon a resolution that often see them pitted against each other. Rest assures Banshee is not the kind of show that will leave you with living happily ever after feeling. Viewers are just anxious to find out what will be the collateral damage at the conclusion of tonight’s episode. Banshee tells a tale of an ex-con Lucas Hood(Anthony Starr) and master thief who assumed the identity of a sheriff at Banshee PA while he continues to walk on both side of the justice system. Along the way he pick up a few misfit of a crew. Carrie Hopewell(Ivana Milicevic), a notorious jewel thief with an assumed identity, Job(Hoon Lee) a dangerous transvestite computer hacker, Sugar Bates(Frankie Faison) a wise and powerful former boxer and Brock Lotus(Matt Servitto) long-suffering deputy sheriff. Lucas arch-enemy is Kai Proctor(Ulrich Thomsen) a powerful, ruthless wealthy businessman. For those who have not seen this series I urge you to give it a chance. On the surface the violence, the sex scene and nudity seems gratuitous. Beneath it, there’s a cast of interesting characters working through their own baggage to remain functional in a very challenging environment. This series has one of the highest production value. The cinematography, the choreography of the action sequences and the creative camera works would put many of the Hollywood movies to shame. I greedily breeze through the first 3 seasons of the show and regretting having to share the same grieve that the series will conclude tonight. Check out tonight series finale episode previews below.


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