The Avengers Troll the Justice League

In this fan made mash up, the Avengers watch the Justice League Trailer.

Well, we all know that while DC was first to bring blockbuster superhero movies to our theaters, it was Marvel that perfected the formula for a team up. Starting with movies about their heroes in their own flicks, and following up with the team up, it’s just as comic fans love in from the pages. And there has yet to be anything done as well as the Avengers movies.

Now DC is trying to follow in Marvel’s steps. Starting with what may be the worst version of Superman ever…. that lead in to the meeting we’ve all been waiting for with Batman v Superman (and Wonder Woman!). Yeah, that movie left us wishing we were still waiting. Now DC is ready to bring us the Justice League. I’ll be honest, early clips looked like DC may have thrown away their ultra dark formula for this movie, and I really hope they have, yet it’s still not Marvel.

What would the Avengers think of YouTuber DrMachakil has an idea of how that will go, and made a mashup video so we could see it ourselves. Watching the similar characters react to the introductions surely pulled a chuckle from me.

Why is it watching this just makes me want to see the next Avengers?