Avengers: Age of Ultron Spoiler-Free Review

Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Have you yet to see the Avengers and are wondering whether or not the film is worth a watch? Perhaps this spoiler free review will help. Right off the bat I will say this: it was better than the first Avengers movie. However it wasn’t without flaws. I’ve broken down the review into segments below:


This film respects it’s core members like the first Avengers film did not. Hawkeye, in the first film, is a mindless robot who has one cheesy one liner (“You and I remember Budapest very differently”), wakes up from his trance, and then shoots aliens. That’s it. Captain America was extremely underpowered in the first one as well, his considerable strength was nowhere to be seen.

In the Age of Ultron, a sizable chunk of the plot is dedicated solely for Hawkeye’s character development. We see a very human side to him and his insecurities about feeling useless in a team of god-like beings. Captain America power levels are where they should be and even Black Widow receives an upgrade to her suit and weapons. My only gripe would be the twins. Because of X-men and Avengers not sharing universes, they gave them an alternate origin in which they end up with some odd out of place accents. Days of Future Past- Quicksilver was many times better.

Action Sequences:
Right from the start, the film displays some gorgeous fight scenes. Joss Whedon orchestrates, with the Avengers as his instruments, some perfectly balanced sequences without missing a beat. The scale of destruction is much more epic and spectacular. The CGI is top class and the stunts are simply jaw dropping. The movie perfectly nailed it in this regard, with the Hulkbuster scene being a particular favorite.

Sadly the plot was predictable. Just about every big moment that happens in the film, I nudged my buddy next to me and guessed it correctly before it happened. The movie does a great a job setting up for future films, with Civil War connotations strongly present throughout the whole film.


Ultron had absolutely no character development at all. He’s created, (another changed origin), surfs the Internet and decides within 5 minutes he wants to destroy the entire human race. Marvel attempts to make him dark but fails as they tried just a bit too hard to give him a sense of humor. His endgame was predictable.


The film was enjoyable, humorous, and just plain fun to watch. As I’ve stated above, it had its flaws but it’s definitely worth a watch and will make a great film for a movies night out. Sadly, for me, the movie wasn’t very memorable and hope the third Avengers is way better. For a more detailed and spoiler filled review see our other post.