Arrow: Taken S4EP15 Recap-Spoiler Alert

Previously on Arrow, Damien Darhk employed a trio of mercenary demolition crew to take down Oliver Queen in trying to win his wife the mayorship of Star City. When that failed, Darhk went after Oliver’s son William Clayton. That’s where the scene end when we see he introduced William to his daughter as her new playmate. This week, Darhk wasted no time to threaten Oliver to drop out of the mayoral race or else. Felicity and the rest of the team Arrow found out about William. And Samantha wasted no time getting into the face of Oliver about her missing son. Oliver came clean to her about his Arrow identity let the rest of his team know about his relationship with Samantha and William. He went to Detroit to ask Vixen for help thinking her magic power could counter Darhk’s.  Back in Arrow cave Vixen needed something of William to locate where he was kidnap. It was his favourite the Flash toy. Before she sniff the toy he warned Oliver never tell Barry about sniffing his toy. Hee. Vixen thought she got William location unfortunately Darhk already move him out of the place when the team show up. Both Vixen and Arrow were still no match to Darhk’s power. They were soundly defeated before Canary and Speedy get to them. Vixen figure out that she need her special necklace, a totem to have her super power, Darhk too would have to rely on his own totem nearby to draw his power. Captain Lance remembered he saw some object in Darhk’s lair when he had previously present at Darhk residence. In the meantime Darhk escalated the timing demanding Oliver to suspend his campaign and endorse his wife.

Vote for me. I'm the better looking Canadian.
Vote for me. I’m the better looking Canadian.

After Oliver announce the suspension of his campaign, Vixen and Team Arrow map out Darhk residence and devise a plan of attack. Team Arrow created distraction outside the estate, Vixen crashed into Darhk’s den barely escape grabbing the totem. But the distance of the object did not take away Darhk magic power as he squeeze Arrow, Canary and Speedy to the inch of their lives. Plan B calls for Vixen summoning the strenght of a  gorilla to smash the totem into pieces. It finally gives and Darhk lost his power and easily defeated by Arrow.

Darhk Hidden Immunity Idol
Darhk Hidden Immunity Idol

In other development

  • Taking the advise of Vixen,Oliver had Samantha take William far away to distance himself to prevent any future harm from his enemies. The end scene also had him recording a message explaining his difficult situation to his future 18-year-old son.
  • Felicity finally able to walk thanks to the biometric implant Curtis invented.
  • The same moment she broke off her engagement with Oliver, accusing him of not treating her like an equal partner. Someone in times of dire to be seen as a partner he can lean on. Instead he is making decision on her behalf. The fact that Malcolm and Thea knows about William before her does not sit well with her.
  • Via William recounts, Captain Lance told Oliver it was the one handed man who took him to Damien Darhk.
  • Thea and Malcolm had it out when she realize he lied to her about William situation and how he left her for death rather than relinquish his power from The League of Assassin.
  • William witness Arrow beating up Damien Darhk and replace his favorite Flash toy with Green Arrow to the delight of Oliver Queen.

So what will happen to Darhk’s Genesis plan? Is Malcolm Merlyn taking over HIVE?  Like The Flash, Arrow is taking 3 weeks break and will return March 23rd with Episode 16th titled Broken Heart. Check out the preview below.


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