Arrow : Genesis S04E20 Preview – CW Network

Here is the inside look on tonight’s episode of Arrow titled Genesis. Perhaps we will get the answer as to what Genesis is that Damien Darhk is unleashing on Star City.  Reeling from the lost of Black Canary, can Team Arrow able to pull it together?How will they handle the black magic of Damien Darhk? Is Alex revealing his true self to Thea ? The unhinged John Diggle in his relentless pursue of Andy to avenge the death of Laurel Lance might means nothing if he can’t finish the job. Base on the clip it looks like a bit of role reversal for the two brothers. And where the heck is Mr. Terrific?  Don’t expect Arrow Vs Damien Darhk will resolve tonight, there’s still 3 episodes left after tonight’s episode. Arrows air Wednesday 8pm on CW Network. Check your local listing.


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