Arrow : Broken Hearts S4Ep16 Previews

CW Networks has released a couple of previews for tonight’s Arrow episode 16 titled Broken Hearts. Like a crazy ex girlfriend, Carrie Cutter a.k.a Cupid (Amy Gumenick) returns to Star City to slaughter anyone who is in love. Obviously this girl have no idea Star City has no love for its residents. Regardless who could post better baits than the newly broken up Felicity and Oliver as the poster child of married couple on top of the wedding cake ? That explains the photo we’ve seen earlier episodes allude to the two taking the vow at the altar. The back story of Cupid in Arrowverse is, she was a police officer in Starling City  police department and is obsessed with Green Arrow and she had taken up archery to mimic him. Her obsession went overboard when she starts killing and threaten to kill more to get Arrow attention. After Arrow taken her down, Amanda Waller took her in and made her part of the Suicide Squad. Arrows returns tonight on CW Network at 8pm. Check your local listing.



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