Arrow: Blood Debts recap. Spoiler Alert.


This week the show open with a future scene. We see Oliver and Barry Allen standing in front of a freshly covered grave. Back to the  current scene of Felicity being rush into a frantic emergency room  intercutting with scenes of  Arrow shaking down criminals in Star City in search of Damien Darhk.


I think with all the promos being thrown at Legends of Tomorrow, DC television universe used up all the budget of The Flash and Arrow. Because the entire episode is mostly chasing leads on where is Damien Darhk hiding. While we learned that Felicity is suffering irreversible spinal cord injury that make her paralyze, being the CEO of Palmer Tech, I’m sure none of us fans are worry about her condition. Team Arrow were pursuing lead in two fronts. Diggle using sticks and carrots method on his brother Andy and Oliver through Captain Lance previous connection with Darhk. The tip from Captain Lance on Darhk last hide out instead produce another villain who is also in pursue of Darhk himself. It’s none other than Anarky a.k.a. Lonnie Machin. It was Damien Darhk that gave up Anarky to Team Arrow. We recalled earlier episode blood lusting Speedy/Thea Queen was responsible for Anarky’s  burned face. The two have a couple of rematch in the episode.


The cat and mouse game eventually leads to Damien Darhk residence. Ironically Team Arrow arrived just in time to save Mrs. Darhk and daughter from certain dead in the hands of Anarky. This time Speedy lack the blood lust she possessed on the previous encounter affording Anarky the opportunity to escape. Since Team Arrow saved Darhk families, Damien took a temporary evil break to spare their lives. Later in a scene we saw Mrs. Darhk was not to please with her husband for not killing off Team Arrow when he had the chance, since they are so close in making the mysterious plan of  “Genesis” come true. In the last scene, we return to the future grave site as Oliver return to the limo, we saw a healthy but devastated Felicity waiting inside. She wanted Oliver to kill “that son of a bitch”.


Who is in the grave? Who is the s.o.b Felicity refers to? Judging from Felicity emotion, I’ll take a stab at Mama Smoak. As for the killer, I think Damien Darhk will be too obvious of a choice. I just hope it is not the cliff hanger the show runner intend to take us to the next season. What are your guesses? Share them at the comment section below.


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