Arrow : Beacons Of Hope S4Ep.17 Recap-Spoiler Alert !

It’s been awhile since I enjoy a good episode of Arrow. The series over play its dark mood that apply to every facet of the shows including the breakup of Feliver. Tonight’s episode was a breath of fresh air. Very much like an episode of The Flash. Curtis as a character in Arrow is often overlook and barely given any significant screen time. Tonight he played a prominent role not only as an important part of Team Arrow but even light up the mood in Arrow cave with his wide-eyed wonderment except for one moment when Oliver went full on bitch mode on him. Seriously, this Oliver needs to remove that arrow from his you know what. So Brie Larvan with her programming skill managed to change her prison status to be let out of jail. She wasted no time summoning her millions of robo bees to invade Palmer Tech. Taking the entire boardroom hostages minus Felicity who was delayed having a little chat with mama Smoak and Thea in her office. Earlier, Felicity had given Curtis a day off for his constant sneezing and spreading germs around. Brie had millions of robo bees surrounding Palmer Tech inside out cutting off all communication giving Felicity ten minutes to surrender herself. The trio of Felicity, Thea and mama Smoak managed to escape through the vent and were hiding in a janitor room away from the bees. The news spread fast as Team Arrow look on in Arrow cave helplessly. Thank heaven Curtis who was with his husband saw the same news and fear for Felicity’s life. With an emergency phone he was given for moment like this, he stumbled his way through the secret elevator and into Arrow cave while Team Arrow were discussing how to handle the situation. You should see the look on their faces when they saw Curtis. Like a little kid in a candy store he could not stop talking an in awe of all the identity of Team Arrow and in awe of the computers in the room. He and Cisco should formed a Nerd Squad. The Arrow cave never felt so lively. When he is calm down enough, he managed to hack into one of the bees to communicate with Felicity. The trio suppose to meet Team Arrow for an escape. But Brie took away the one communication Curtis hacked. Team Arrow instead face with a giant Bee Man that got Arrow stung. The bee inside Oliver is duplicating fast. Curtis came up with an idea that need Canary high pitch scream to shattered all those bees inside Oliver. It works but Oliver need to replenish a bunch of fixtures that was part of the collateral damaged. Felicity, Thea and mama Smoak took a secret elevator and blast a wall to rescue the rest of the board members. All escape except Felicity and Thea facing Brie. Turn out the reason Brie needed the same bio-stimulator implant is she had a tumour growing in her spine. Felicity hand over the formula to Brie so she won’t kill Thea. Meanwhile in Arrow cave, Curtis managed to upload a virus on an arrow-head for the Bee Man. Team Arrow headed to Palmer Tech to face Brie and her Bee Man. Arrow managed to fire the virus loaded arrow at the Bee Man. But before Curtis could activate the virus, he and Captain Lance were chase by one bee sample that came alive. Needless to say the two add more to the tap for more furnitures replacement before Captain Lance squashed the bee with a stainless steel coffee urn. Finally Curtis rush to the computer to upload the virus that turn against Brie and stung her to coma. The quick thinking Felicity had to take down the Bee Man when Arrow was soundly beaten by him. The end scene with Malcolm Merlyn approaching Damien Darhk’s ace in the hole. Turn out It’s Andy Diggle. I enjoy the light-hearted moment in these episode, a few pop culture  movie references of Harry Potter, Independence Day, Panic Room were even mentioned. Even Felicity at Palmer Tech seems to return to her jovial  old self. So what do you think of tonight’s episode? Was it as much fun for you?

Sticks fight!!
Pillows Sticks fight!!
Not Quite Millennium Falcon but this will do.
Not quite the Millennium Falcon but this will do.
Shock the Bee Man.
Shock the Monkey Bee Man.


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