Arrow : Beacons Of Hope S4Ep.17 Previews – The CW Network

Ahead of tonight’s episode 17 titled Beacons Of Hope on Arrow, here are two previews from The CW Network. The first clip shows the meeting of the two big bad as we see Malcolm Merlyn is moving in for the kill mounting a take over of  Damien Darhk’s organization and his Project Genesis. Without his idol, which was smashed to smithereens by Vixen before, I’m curious where else will he get his power next. Could it be the ring he hidden in his mouth? On the second clip, we seen from previous episode Felicity and Oliver gone splitsville not only on their personal relationship but Felicity leaving Team Arrow as well. The downside of being a CEO of Palmer Tech, Team Arrow or not does not mean the villain will leave her alone. In this episode Bug-Eyed Bandit/Brie Larvan escaped imprisonment heading to Palmer Tech looking for one thing, a bio-stimulant microchip that happens to be implanted in the spine of  Felicity. Mama Smoak and Thea Queen happens to be in Palmer Tech trapped inside. Will the power puff girls squashed the bug? Check out the preview clips below.




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