Announcing our new E.I.C.


UTB Geek was started because so many of us at UTB blogs, really are at our core, geeks. And we noticed that often times, our conversation would deviate off course and end up in geek realms. So of course, the next logical step was to create a secondary blog about it. One of the things that we didn’t count on though, was how much BlackBerry news would be coming down the pipeline and that many of us that thought we would be spending so much time on the Geek website, just didn’t have the time we thought we did.

Luckily for us, Undbiter stepped up, and has been carrying the weight of this website, basically on his own. And not only the website, he’s also running the UTB Geek BBM Channel as well.

It’s only right to give Undbiter the credit he deserves, and the title that comes with having run this site  since the beginning. Congratulations to Undbiter in his role as Editor In Chief of UTB Geek. Looking forward for what’s to come!

  • Bastakiatavich

    Congratulations, and great job sir!

  • veeru789

    Hurray!! Congratulations EIC!!

    You truly are RIMarkable!!

  • undbiter65

    Thanks guys. Now get back to blogging 😐 <-how was my Brad face? Still working on it. 😛 lol. Will do my best Guys. :')