American Gothic Promo -CBS Network

American Gothic is a new mystery drama series ordered by CBS Network. This 13 episodes summer series is created by  Corinne Brinkerhoff(The Good Wife, Boston Legal) and James Frey(author of best-selling novels). The story centers on a prominent Boston family reeling in the wake of a chilling discovery that one of them is link to a series of murders in the past and in the presence. The mounting paranoia and suspicions are threatening to tear the family apart. The cast includes Justine Chatwin (Shameless), Anthony Starr (Banshee), Megan Ketch ( Jane The Virgin) Cyndi Day( Spotlight), Gabriel Bateman (Checkmate, Outcast) and Shawn Contois (Spotlight, The Equalizer). American Gothic is set to premiere Wednesday, June 22nd on CBS. Check your local listing. Having been a fan of Justin Chatwin from Shameless and Anthony Starr from Banshee, I am interested to see how these two actors fare on this new series. Check out the promo below.


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