AC/DC Halts Tour Over ‘Total Deafness’ Fears

AC/DC have postponed the remaining 10 shows of their US tour after lead singer Brian Johnson was told he risked total deafness if he continues to perform.

OSLO, NORWAY - MAY 30: Brian Johnson of AC/DC performs at Valle Hovin Stadion on May 30, 2010 in Oslo, Norway. (Photo by Ragnar Singsaas/WireImage)

In a statement, the band said those rescheduled gigs will likely be with a guest vocalist.

The cancellations have left fans uncertain of whether the long-running group are going to play the European leg of their Rock Or Bust tour, which is due to begin on 7 May in Lisbon.

Johnson had been advised to stop touring immediately by doctors.

He had joined AC/DC in 1980 after the band’s former lead singer, Bon Scott, died following a night of heavy drinking.

Concerns over the 68-year-old’s hearing are the latest problem to hit the group’s ageing members.

 In September 2014, one founding member of AC/DC, Malcolm Young, left permanently at the age of 61 after he was diagnosed with dementia. Last July, the band parted ways with Phil Rudd after he was convicted of threatening to kill an employee, and pleaded guilty to possessing marijuana and methamphetamine.

The drummer was sentenced to eight months of home detention by a judge in New Zealand.

With a list of bad luck things aren’t looking good, do you think that a guest or guest vocalists will cut it? If so who? Personally I think vocalist Georg Dolivo from Rhino Bucket is the man! Watch this video and let me know!

Now tell me that he doesn’t sound perfect for AC/DC!

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  • Martin

    My mother was right? Rock n roll will make me go deaf. 🙁

    • And what did your mum say would make you go blind? Lmao!

      • Martin

        I don’t remember, let me find my reading glasses…

  • Wow! He most certainly does sound like classic AC/DC

  • Dave

    Hope they don’t cancel the UK gigs. Supposed to be seeing them live in London.