A Warrior’s Tail Official Trailer – Signature Entertainment

Signature Entertainment has released its new animated adventure movie A Warrior’s Tail. A story about a little boy Savva (Mila Jovovich) who lives with his mum in a small village in a forest once protected by the white wolves. When the white wolves left the village for an unknown reason, it was under constant threat of attacks from the hyenas and it is believed only a powerful magician can help the village. Evading the hyenas attack Savva set out on a quest to search for this mythical powerful magician. Along the way he pick up some unlikely friends who are seeking the same magician. A white wolf, Angee (Sharon Stone), A hilarious mosquito (Joe Pesci), along with Savva must evade and overcome  an army of apes led by the evil Mum Jozee (Whoopi Goldberg). A Warrior’s Tail set to release in theatre on April 1st. Check out the trailer below.


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