A Sad Farewell to David Bowie.


I woke up this morning and did my usual, put the kettle on and my favourite radio station ‘Planet Rock’ and heard the sad news that music has lost another legend this year. David Bowie has died aged 69 after an 18 month fight with Cancer.

Only last week he released his latest album ‘Blackstar’ I’m sure that and all his other albums will be being played a huge amount over the coming weeks.

David Bowie, born David Robert Jones on 8 January 1947 was an English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger, painter, and actor. Bowie was a huge figure in popular music for over four decades, and was known as an innovator, particularly for his work in the 1970s with hits like ‘Space Oddity’, ‘Starman’ and ‘Ziggy Stardust’.

In the BBC’s 2002 poll of the 100 Greatest Britons, Bowie was placed at number 29. Throughout his career, he sold an estimated 140 million records worldwide. In the UK, he was awarded nine Platinum album certifications, eleven Gold and eight Silver, and in the US, five Platinum and seven Gold certifications. In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked him 39th on their list of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” and 23rd on their list of the best singers of all time. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

Who could possibly forget this classic?

Music has lost a legend, you maybe gone David but you live on in your amazing music, hope you’re enjoying the big gig in the sky!

Rev Grim

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