The Faux Flat Earth

The media world imploded this week as a rapper and scientist went at each other’s throats… or theories. If you haven’t heard, let me break it down.

B.o.B, a rapper with a notable(?) music portfolio, started tweeting that he believed the world was flat. He was adamant against the barrage of replies and evidence to the contrary. He believes the “round Earth” is a conspiracy prevailed upon us by entities, primarily NASA, and bolstered by the media.

No. I’m not kidding. Do not adjust your TV sets. This is reality.

So, everyone’s favorite astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, took up arms and fought back with his considerable knowledge. They’ve since had an all out rap battle with B.o.B firing one at the round world believers and Tyson’s nephew offering up his flow for the scientist.

Apparently, B.o.B’s main tenants to his Flat Earth theory are: photos of distant places do not show any curvature of the earth, all of our images of Earth are from NASA, and no one can be trusted because they obviously have enough power to propagate this lie over the span of centuries and effectively brainwash oh…everyone.

Coincidentally, B.o.B. just released his second mixtape of audio clips titled FIRE (False Idols Ruin Egos). These mixtapes seem to be a commentary on different governmental conspiracies and lies.

Is it too much to hope that SpaceX or Blue Origin will step in and offer B.o.B a shot into space so he could see the beautiful sphere for himself? Then again, he’d probably argue it was just a really realistic roller coaster… or a VR experience.



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