World War Z 2 Looks to David Fincher

Since losing director J.A. Bayona to another film he is currently filming, A Monster Calls which we covered in a previous post. World War Z 2 has been looking for a new director. Brad Pitt is set to return in the sequel has been rumored to been reaching out to longtime friend and collaborator David Fincher.

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David has directed Brad in some of his most famous roles. Movies such as Seven, Fight Club and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. It sounds very reasonable that Brad Pitt would reach out to his favorite director to come on board and help the franchise. No word if Fincher has any interest in doing a zombie film or a sequel in that regard. Maybe Brad could persuade Fincher on mere friendship alone.

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The premise of the franchise is just like any other zombie movie were there is a virus that effects human beings into blood thirsty dead zombies( these with superspeed and athleticism) .

The film was from a novel of short stories of the same name. They all took place from around the world by different people. Showing different views of the chaos and mayhem. The movie used just one character Brad Pitt(some how he is a world known virus scientist) to tell most of the stories in the book.

The sequel is set to start filming in 2017 , but has a June 2017 release date. I think that maybe pushing it.  Maybe they don’t care what the quality of the movie will be if it has such a hard deadline. Most likely the June date is going to get pushed back.We will keep you posted on what is going on with the movie. Let us know if you are excited for this sequel?


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