Wonder Woman, Official Final Trailer

Wonder Woman, Rise of the Warrior shows us where Wonder Woman came from.

Wonder Woman as a little girl, already dreaming of the outside world, and fighting. This is the hero we deserve. And the final trailer before the movie hits theaters looks amazing.

When looking at the trinity of DC heroes, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, Supes and Bats always take the limelight. Wonder Woman just never seemed that interesting. DC’s current foray into movies has completely changed that.

Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman was a surprise for this viewer. After all, she seems just a bit slight to be playing the Amazon princess. There was no way I thought she could pull it off. Boy was I wrong.

When comparing Wonder Woman to Batman and Superman in Batman v. Superman, there was just no comparison. She didn’t even get her name in the title. But the character was twice the character of Superman and Batman combined. Gadot’s portrayal was right on point. Affleck and Cavill, uhm… no.

Can we just get a restart of the DC movie universe with Wonder Woman as the center? Please?