Wonder Woman Movie Gets a New Trailer!

As I’ve said in an article that I’ve done here not too long ago, I’m a huge DC Comics fan. Love their comics, their action figures, and I definitely love their movies! (Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad are brilliant works of art, but that’s a conversation for another article) So it should come as no surprise to you to learn that I was beyond stoked to see that Wonder Woman, DC Comics resident Amazon powerhouse and next in line for a movie, has a new trailer! Take a look at this beauty!

Now THAT was AWESOME! Did you see “Little Diana’s” face when she was told that she won’t be able to wield that sword? Her face said “Challenge Accepted, baby!” I can’t wait to see this baby at the movies!  And the wait won’t be long, because Wonder Woman will be hitting the big screen on June 2nd of this year! Anyone of you readers going to see this? Drop us a line in the comments section to let us know!





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