Wonder Woman International Trailer Dropped

A new action packed Wonder Woman trailer dropped today.

An international trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie dropped for the Spanish Market today. Apparently Wonder Woman wasn’t too interested in the Super Bowl and decided to wait for the testosterone to clear before she showed her face.

The new trailer shows even more action that we can look forward to in the new movie. I have to admit, my excitement for this movie shocks me. Wonder Woman has never been a character I’ve had much interest in. When we’re talking about female characters, we can all agree the best came from the pages of the Uncanny X-Men right? Right? Well, I thought so.

Wonder Woman always struck me as an afterthought for Superman. Almost as if someone said, “Y’know, this Superman is pretty popular, let’s try a woman!”. Of course, few Golden Age characters found themselves captive as much as Wonder Woman had.

Then, when I saw who was cast as Wonder Woman, I was disheartened. I mean, come on, WW is an Amazon! I expect a larger than life buff woman. Instead we get pretty little Gal Gadot?

Boy was I wrong.

In Batman v Superman, Gal Gadot WAS Wonder Woman. She was more her character than Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill could ever hope to be. Obviously the studio saw it too. Heck, she was the only one to get her own theme music!

Ok, I admit it. I’m looking forward to Wonder Woman. And I’ll bet right now, this turns out to be the best movie of the DC movie bunch.