Will Superman show up on Supergirl?

This fall, CBS will debut their comic book property: Supergirl. Those that are comic book fans, know that she has a very popular cousin: Superman. The questions have been asked, “how often, if at all, will we see Superman? If we do see him, how will he be portrayed?”

Well, we have an answer, courtesy of EW.

“Our prototype is the way the president is seen on Veep,” executive producer Ali Adler tells EW, referring to the HBO drama’s clever way of mentioning, but never showing POTUS. “It’s certainly [inspired by] so much of what Julia-Louis Dreyfus’ character goes through. Ultimately, this is a show about Supergirl and we really want to see it through her lens.”

If you have seen the leaked pilot, you’ll know how Superman looks, well, at least the shadow of him, very brightly back-lit.

Superman's appearance on Supergirl
Superman’s appearance on Supergirl

Source: EW.com