Walking Dead Spotlight: Darryl Dixon

The Walking Dead is a culture phenomenon that has ingrained pop culture both comics and television alike. We at UTB Geek will be doing a series of spotlights on the characters that make up the TWD universe. Today we spotlight Darryl Dixon.

Darryl Dixon


Played by actor Norman Reedus , Darryl Dixon aka The Archer( Terminus) is one of the most beloved characters in The Walking Dead TV show. Fans have taken to social media stating” If Darryl dies, we riot”.



Only appearing in the television series and not in the comics , Darryl is the younger brother of Merle Dixon, a original character of the comic series . Darryl has many similarities to another character that was introduced in the comics by the name of Dwight.

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Both weapon of choice is the crossbow and have a fashion sense for leather vests. Darryl is known to be the dark sheep of Rick’s group. Feeling like a outsider most of the time, having a tough time letting others get close to him. A natural survivalist he’s used to living off the land.

Known to be Rick’s right hand man, Darryl is as tough and formidable as they come. He has a close relationship with Carol. Many fans like there to be something more than friendship between the two. With the new season just around the corner, still we don’t know what is Darryl’s fate as he is one of Negan’s captives. Only time will tell if Darryl journey continues or the fans riot.


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