Walking Dead Lego!

As an adult I am seeing a lot of Lego sets I wished I had as a kid. It’s hard to walk past a Star Wars Lego set without picking it up. And I am going to avoid toy aisles for a while now that I’ve heard Ghostbusters are getting their own set. But if Lego came out with Walking Dead sets, I’d be waiting for the stores to open to rush in and buy them!

I doubt that’s going to happen. But someone decided not to wait for them and made their own. And made a scene for scene copy of the Walking Dead Season 5 trailer using nothing but Legos! Watch the amazing video below, then watch the real trailer after. Someone get Lego on the phone. We need these sets now!


  • Bastakiatavich

    That is pretty cool, I would buy a set and then have fun explaining to the kids why zombie apocalypse is so much more fun than Disney stuff. 🙂