Van Helsing Comes to Scyfy


It’s a new take on the original vampire hunter. This time, it won’t be Hugh Jackman biding his time between X-movies.

Kelly Overton plays Vanessa Helsing in Scyfy’s new series, Van Helsing. Someone at Scyfy is probably very proud of that play on the name. Vanessa finds herself in a world that has been overran by vampires.

This Van Helsing has a few tricks up her sleave. She is immune to their bite and discovers that she has the ability to turn vampires back in to humans.

The trailer shows an end of the world scenario that looks good. However, Scyfy has yet to put out a series that doesn’t border on corny. Really though, as long as the vampires don’t sparkle in the sunlight, it won’t be the worst vampire story ever told.

Watch the trailer below, will you be watching?