Upcoming Flicks: Dracula Untold


I like vampires, almost as much as I like zombies. We can’t go too far between vampire movies, it seems that there’s always some movie out or coming out about vampires. Some good, many bad. The Twilight movies nearly ruined the genre for me, and I didn’t expect to be excited about another vampire movie any time soon.

Then our friend Bastakiatavich shared this trailer with us today.

Wow. Just wow. This may just be the movie to restore my love of vampires after those sparkly ones destroyed it.

Dracula untold tells the origin story of Vlad Dracula. No, this is not the cape wearing widow peaked vampire that we’re used to seeing. This is a man making the ultimate sacrifice to protect his family. With stories as old as this, it’s hard to find a new spin, in this case, it appears they have.

Look for Dracula Untold in theaters near you this October.


Image via Universal Pictures


  • undbiter65

    Definitely watching this come October. Bravo!!!

  • Bastakiatavich

    I am definitely looking forward to this movie, Dracula as an anti hero is a great angle.