TV Producer May Bring Back Little Shop of Horrors

Suddenly, Seymour.

The man behind the DC/CW buffet of Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and DC Legends of Tomorrow is toying with the idea of bringing an 80s cult classic back to the big screen, Little Shop of Horrors. Greg Berlanti apparently needs more projects, and this one could prove to be amazing.

Now, Little Shop has a few iterations as a 60s film, an off-Broadway musical production, and the one most people think of first: the 80s campy horror musical film starring Rick Moranis (and, of course, Audrey II).

Little Shop of Horrors tells the tale of a shopguy (Moranis) pining for a workplace romance with the curvaceous Audrey (Ellen Greene), but instead finds a symbiotic relationship with the carnivorous plant he dubbed Audrey II. The film also features John Candy, Jim Belushi, Bill Murray, and Steve Martin. The music is both ironic and poignant, and it’s no wonder it became such a kitschy cult classic.

Let’s hope if Berlanti moves forward, he’ll bring that same flavor to his remake.

Who would you cast in the main roles of the remake?






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