This Is The Droid You’re Looking For


Real men need their beer. Real geek’s want a life size R2-D2 rolling around the house. Real geek men with some money to spare, can have both. One six pack at a time.

A Japanese company is selling a replica R2-D2! A replica remote controlled R2-D2!! A replica remote controlled R2-D2 that has a six pack mini fridge in it’s chest!!!


Imagine a lazy afternoon sitting on your couch in your favorite replica Jedi bathrobe, when suddenly a thirst hits you. Simply call over R2-D2 who will happily roll over to you booping and beeping with a six pack in his chest.

This most amazing mini fridge will set you back $8000. No word on if this product will make it’s way to the America’s, but if you can spend $8000 on a mini-fridge, what’s a few thousand in shipping right?


  • nnik

    Will it work for Coke? Or is that Another $3k?

  • Martin

    The question is…What will all of that beer drinking do to your six pack while sitting on the couch?

  • Robert

    What if you don’t drink beer?

  • james pisano

    I want! I want! Excellent!