There’s Something Different About Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen sure has changed from the character that I remember. Now he’s becoming a hero.

Since the 1940’s, Jimmy Olsen has been a part of the superman story. A young, red-headed cub reporter with a camera, Jimmy was a tag-along for Clark Kent and Lois Lane at the Daily Planet. More importantly, Jimmy Olsen became Superman’s pal. With his signal watch, he had access to Superman other’s didn’t have, and with that access, he found himself in trouble quite often.

Jump ahead 70+ years and Jimmy Olsen has changed dramatically. On the Supergirl TV show, Jimmy is no longer the farm kid wanting to hang out with the real reporters. Played by Mehcad Brooks, Jimmy is now James, Black, a full fledged respectable journalist, who split with an ultra hot Lucy Lane to kindle a relationship with Supergirl. Jimmy has come a long way.

This season, Jimmy is going even farther. Not content to be a sidekick to Supergirl, he will don a costume and become a hero himself. Jimmy Olsen will become a new version of the DC Comic’s character the Guardian. The Guardian is a powerless hero with an indestructible shield. Think Captain America but with a much less cool design.

Fans were hoping that Green Arrow’s sidekick John Diggle over on the series Arrow would turn in to the Guardian, but this should kill that fan dream. While Supergirl takes place on an alternate earth, and it is conceivable that two different characters could take up the Guardian mantle on the opposing television series, it is highly unlikely.

Dream on Diggle fans. Maybe, just maybe, the other fan dream of Diggle becoming the Green Lantern could come true. It would certainly harken back to the old Green Lantern Green Arrow comic book that ran through the 60’s.