The Return of Futurama!


Well, almost anyway. Futurama, the Matt Groening created space serial starring internet meme superstar Fry, one eyed Lela, and the nearly criminal Bender has been shuffled around more than any other TV show I can think of. First ran on Fox, it was subsequently cancelled, then after it’s reruns proved to be successful on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, it was revived on Comedy Central where it was put to rest again late last year.

Now, Futurama is returning to it’s birthplace, kind of. In an episode of The Simpsons which will air in November, Matt Groening’s yellow family will meet up with his… future family. Apparently all the main voice actors, from Futurama have signed on for this crossover event. It appears that Matt Groening is hoping that Futurama gets picked up by another network and that these characters can live on in more than just reruns. Let’s hope this crossover gives the push they need to make it happen!


story via CNET

image via IMDB